Tactile + Deterrent Flags

Tactile + Deterrent Flags

Special use flags

  • Frost Resistant Frost Resistant
  • Pedestrian Use Pedestrian Use
  • Light Traffic Light Traffic

Distinctive surface profiles and colours.

AG’s range of tactile and deterrent flags are suitable for areas where paving surface indicators are required. 

Our Blister and Corduroy flags are designed to be used to give guidance or warning of potential hazards to the visually impaired. Our range includes distinctive surface profiles and colours to enable the recognition of various hazards.

Deterrent flags are designed with a profile that effectively discourages access.


Tactile and
deterrent in use

Tactile and deterrent flags are available in 50mm depths to suit a variety of applications, with Blister flags also being available in a 63mm variant for heavier duty use.


Distinctive colours

Tactile and deterrent flags are available in a range of three distinctive colours.


BRE Green Guide
‘A’ Rated

Tactile and deterrent flags are produced in the UK from locally sourced materials, using a high percentage of recycled non-primary materials in the base mix, and 100% harvested rain water and renewable energy in the production process.

Available colours

Buff Blister

Red Blister

Silver Granite Blister

Grey Deterrent

Buff Corduroy

Silver Granite Corduroy


Paving surface indicators with blister, corduroy and deterrent profiles.


400 x 400 x 50mm
400 x 400 x 63mm

400 x 400 x 50mm

600 x 600 x 50mm

The deterrent flags profile discourages access.

More Information

BS EN: BS EN 1339:2003
DD CEN/TS 15209: 2008

Minimum order quantities are required for certain colours and sizes. Before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales teams – they'll be happy to advise on this and any other product questions you may have. You can reach them on 0121 747 0202 in UK and on +44 (0)28 8778 8112 in Ireland.

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