Manhole Accessories

Manhole Accessories

Quality products for drainage systems

  • Frost Resistant Frost Resistant

Joint Sealants

AG manhole units can be jointed quickly and easily using extruded butyl rubber sealants.

Butyl rubber has an excellent reputation for longevity and offers many advantages over oil mastic type sealants, providing flexibility and cost savings.

  • Produces seal without squeeze-out, reducing the volume of sealant required.
  • Forms an immediate seal.
  • Low temperature flexibility.
  • Resistant to hardening after aging.
  • Permanent flexibility.
  • Various sizes to suit needs.

Tokstrip and primer are also available.

Manhole Steps

A system that offers the contractor the advantages of a durable plastic encapsulated rung.

All AG manhole rings are supplied with eyelets to enable single fixing of either single or double steps on site.

  • They can be quickly and easily installed by semi-skilled labour.
  • There are fewer joints which reduce the likelihood of infiltration.
  • All concrete manhole units can be ordered from one source.
  • There is a reduced risk of on-site damage and pilferage.

Manholes with Ladders

A flexible, convenient solution.

A system that offers the contractor the advantages of a durable plastic encapsulated ladder without the need to specify an exact length or fit for each individual manhole. They're quick and easy to insert, providing savings in labour costs. 

Covers and Frames

AG supply ductile iron manhole covers / manhole access covers for a variety of manhole base sizes.

Iron Covers + Frames







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Joint Sealants


Sealant size
(tongue +
grooved joint)

22x22mm 32x38mm 12x120mm
Unit nom. size
900 1050 1200 1350 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000
Sealant length
(per joint) 
3.5m 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m 5.5m 6.5m 7.5m 8.5m 9.5m 10.5m
              5 litres / 50m


Covers + Frames

  BS Ref Clear opening Base size Depth Weight
    mm mm mm kg
Ductile iron / medium / Grade B single piece circular opening / black / bitumen coated MA60 600x600 760x760 100 95
- 675x675 880x880 100 116
- 750x600 910x760 100 120
Ductile iron / medium / Grade B single piece circular opening / black / bitumen coated MB260 600 dia 750x750 75 52
Ductile iron / heavy duty / Grade A single hinged grating / black / bitumen coated GA2325 365x310 515x400 75 23
Ductile iron / heavy duty / Grade A single hinged grating / black / bitumen coated GA2450 430x375 525x525 100 32
Cast iron / channelled / hinged grate MA049 390x315 590x520 100 26


Manholes with Ladders

Manhole diameter
1050 - 1350mm
Manhole diameter
1500 - 3000mm
Section length Rung spacing Section length Rung spacing
250mm 250mm - -
500mm 250mm 500mm 250mm
750mm 250mm 750mm 250mm
1000mm 250mm 1000mm 250mm
Distance from
wall unit
Plastic cover    
200mm 3mm    

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