Stately Brick

Stately Brick

Facing brick with crisp edges and striking colours

Instant character for
any brick building.

Stately Brick is a unique product – marrying ultra-modern manufacturing processes with a perfectly-executed organic style.

Forget everything you thought you knew about concrete bricks: Stately Brick delivers a range of wonderfully natural styles that opens up a new world of choice for architects and designers.

Choose from two distinct finishes – a light glazed appearance or a deep coral-textured finish – and a range of eleven beautiful, innovative colour blends.

Produced using natural materials and AG’s advanced manufacturing processes, Stately Brick is dimensionally accurate and frost resistant.

Stately specials

Complementary specials

A range of complementary specials are available.


Low efflorescence

AG’s brick range is free from soluble salt, meaning that Stately Brick’s levels of efflorescence are extremely low.


BRE Green Guide
‘A’ Rated

Stately Brick is produced in the UK from locally sourced materials and manufactured with 90% harvested rain water and 100% renewable energy in the production process.

Available colours

Antrim Sunset Manor

Beechwood Manor

Sunrise Flame

Harvest Flame

Copper Flame

Osbourne Flame

Sunrise Manor

Barkley Manor

Tuscany Manor

Chestnut Manor

Charlemont Manor

Cherried Flame


Contemporary look with crisp, sharp lines and innovative colour blends. Light glazed or deep textured finish.


102.5 x 65 x 215mm

More Information

BS EN 7713: 2011

Download a PDF of the facing brick ‘specials’ range here.

Minimum order quantities are required for certain colours. Before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales teams – they'll be happy to advise on this and any other product questions you may have. You can reach them on 0121 747 0202 in UK and on +44 (0)28 8778 8112 in Ireland.

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