Oakland Brick

Oakland Brick

A contemporary brick with clean, crisp lines

There are bricks.
And there are bricks
you can design with.

If you’re used to assuming a choice of one colour and one finish, why not choose a brick that can become part of your design process instead?

The Oakland range of brick can add a spark to architectural designs – whether your next project is traditional, contemporary or avant-garde, choose from a broad range of precision facing bricks with dynamic colours that will help bring the final project to life. Oakland Brick is available in a range of 20 colour and texture combinations.


Low efflorescence

AG’s brick range is free from soluble salt, meaning that Oakland Brick’s levels of efflorescence are extremely low.

Oakland specials

Complementary specials

A range of complementary specials are available.


BRE Green Guide
‘A’ Rated

Oakland Brick is produced in the UK from locally sourced materials and manufactured with 90% harvested rain water and 100% renewable energy in the production process.

Available colours

Scrabo Smooth

Scrabo Textured

Glenvale Textured

Richmond Textured

Dunluce Sunset Textured

Laganvale Smooth

Laganvale Textured

Cottage Red Textured

Dark Brown Smooth

Dark Brown Textured

Basalt Textured


A modern facing brick with clean, crisp lines and a both smooth and textured finishes.


102.5 x 65 x 215mm

More Information

BS EN 7713: 2011

Download a PDF of the facing brick ‘specials’ range here.

Minimum order quantities are required for certain colours. Before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales teams – they'll be happy to advise on this and any other product questions you may have. You can reach them on 0121 747 0202 in UK and on +44 (0)28 8778 8112 in Ireland.

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