Plaza Paving


Premium granite water-etched paving

  • Frost Resistant Frost Resistant
  • Pedestrian Use Pedestrian Use
  • Light Traffic Light Traffic
  • Heavy Traffic Heavy Traffic
  • Permeable Permeable

A vibrant, durable
modern classic.

Plaza paving is manufactured using the highest quality granite and quartz aggregates.

It’s available in a wide range of depths, sizes and colours – meaning that it’s the perfect tool for creating innovative hard landscaping designs in large urban schemes that require both style and longevity. Plaza is created using a water-based process that’s unique is this price range, giving it a more vibrant exposed face and a rich, modern look.

Plaza is made by AG in one of Europe’s most modern manufacturing facilities, meaning that it’s precision-made for trouble-free laying. Our state-of-the-art curing system guards against the efflorescence and shading issues that can be a problem with lesser products.


Water-etched beauty

AG uses a unique computer-controlled water-etching process to give Plaza its distinctive, vibrant style. This type of block paving is generally finished by sandblasting or bush hammering, but we believe our process creates a much superior final product.


Made for design

Plaza comes in 11 standard colours and a huge range of depths and sizes (and in permeable, too) – so you can let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities for developing creative laying patterns for both commercial and domestic paving.

long life

Built for the
really long haul

Plaza is manufactured using the highest-quality aggregates, giving it an uncommon durability that’s ideal for use in high-traffic areas. It also has an excellent slip resistance rating that persists over the life of the product.


BRE Green Guide
‘A’ Rated

Plaza is produced in the UK from locally sourced materials, using a high percentage of recycled non-primary materials in the base mix, and 90% harvested rain water and 100% renewable energy in the production process.


Plaza is the perfect complement for any modern scheme – but works great in conservation areas too.

Available colours

Salt (Silver)

Pepper (Slate)

Birkes (Graphite)

Paprika (Rose)







Sinnep (Sandstone)


Premium granite water-etched paving blocks.


300 x 200 / 200 x 200 / 100 x 200 x 60mm

300 x 150 x 60mm
200 x 150 x 60mm
200 x 100 x 60mm
150 x 150 x 60mm

600 x 200 x 80mm
400 x 400 x 80mm
400 x 200 x 80mm
200 x 200 x 80mm
200 x 150 x 80mm
200 x 100 x 80mm
150 x 150 x 80mm

200 x 100 x 60mm
255 x 170 / 170 x 170 x 80mm (mixed two size pack)*

* Machine lay available on Xflo® Plaza 80mm

More Information

BS EN: BS EN 1338:2003 / BS EN 1339:2003

Minimum order quantities are required for certain colours, depths and sizes. Before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales teams – they'll be happy to advise on this and any other product questions you may have. You can reach them on 0121 747 0202 in UK and on +44 (0)28 8778 8112 in Ireland.

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