Superior quality, paint-grade decorative walling block

  • Frost Resistant Frost Resistant

A fine textured surface, with performance, strength and durability.

AG’s Decoblock® is an economical, high quality walling suitable for a wide variety of internal applications.

With its fine-textured surface, Decoblock® is a natural choice for direct decoration. Precision-manufactured for dimensional accuracy, its sharp, clean lines and smooth surface help to reduce absorbency – offering substantial materials cost savings when finishing.

Decoblock® is suitable for a wide variety of internal applications, where strength, durability and performance are paramount. Apart from its traditional use in standard or cavity wall construction, it can be used in both load and non-load bearing situations. Decoblock® provides a high degree of sound insulation when incorporated into a suitably structured wall, comfortably exceeding the recommended building regulations.

In addition to being non-combustible, Decoblock® offers high fire resistance, making it ideal for use in compartment or fire-break walls (for partition walls or as a back-up to any type of cladding).

Available colours

Decoblock being painted

Decoblock painted white


Has a fair-faced, fine textured surface for painting over.


440 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D100)
440 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D200)

440 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D102)
440 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D202)
440 x 215 x 215mm (Code: D302)

440 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D106)
440 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D206)

215 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D101)
215 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D201)

215 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D103)
215 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D203)
215 x 215 x 215mm (Code: D303)



215 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D107)
215 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D207)

440 x 140 x 100mm (Code: D140)
440 x 100 x 100mm (Code: D150)

440 x 215 x 100mm (Code: D100a)
440 x 215 x 140mm (Code: D200a)

440 x 215 x 215mm (Code: D302a)

BRICK 215 x 100 x 65mm (Code: DECBRI)

More Information

BS EN: BS EN 7713: 2011

Download a PDF of the Alphacrete masonry block ‘specials’ range here.

Available in 7N and 10N (also available as 15N and 20N as made to order).

Minimum order quantities are required for certain colours. Before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales teams – they'll be happy to advise on this and any other product questions you may have. You can reach them on 0121 747 0202 in UK and on +44 (0)28 8778 8112 in Ireland.

Have you considered...

Getting the best from Alphacrete®

During construction, Alphacrete® should be protected from the weather on-site including the covering of completed but uncapped work. These precautions will reduce the likelihood of efflorescence and subsequent lime blooming. 

After construction, completed walls should be covered using polythene to provide protection and to prevent uncured blockwork from being saturated. An air gap between the masonry and covers will enable newly built masonry walls to cure. The period this protection is needed will depend on the conditions but in cold wet weather it could be up to several days.

Care should be taken to prevent mortar smearing the surface of the Alphacrete® Masonry Block, as cleaning at a later stage could be difficult and can lead to expensive and time consuming remedial treatments. Prevention is better than cure.

All mortar joints should be well filled to help prevent weeping.

Cavities must be kept clean, as dirty cavities increase the risk of water reaching the inner leaf and can cause cold bridging.

Scaffolding boards should be turned back to avoid unsightly splashing of the work.

Masonry products should not be used if frozen and must be protected from frost and rain prior to construction and stacked on a level area on pallets.

Sand used for mortar production should be assessed for freezing and also be protected from the elements.

Building of architectural masonry should be avoided during severe wind, rain and where air temperatures fall below 2º.

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