TerraPave® depths, formats and edges

Edges, Formats and Depths



400x400mm, 500x500mm
and 600x400mm.

TerraPave® is available in three sizes: 400x400mm, 500x500mm and 600x400mm. These have been chosen to allow landscaping designers maximum flexibility in designing laying patterns for a wide range of applications and, in particular, for pedestrianised areas in premium schemes.

TerraPave Depths

Flexible Depths

TerraPave® can be specified in standard depths of 40mm, 50mm, 65mm and 80mm in all colours, finishes and formats. We can also manufacture custom depths for large projects.


Square or chamfer on all sizes,
all colours, all formats.

Flagstone edging plays a hugely important part in determining the overall tone of your landscaping design and how well it complements the overall scheme. Textured finish TerraPave® is available with a chamfer of between 3 and 5 mm. Ground finish TerraPave® can be specified as either a chamfer edge or with a square edge as a made-to-order option.

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