St. Clare's Abbey Primary School, Newry


St. Clare's Abbey Primary School, Newry

Main Contractor

Felix O’Hare

Products Used

Vertica Stone Cut (4° Degree), Basalt

The great benefits of AG’s Anchor Vertica 4° Degree system were demonstrated by a number of retaining walls which formed an integral part of the new £6.3m St. Clare’s Abbey Primary School development in Newry.

The school required 2,500m2 of walling throughout the site so the Vertica 4° Degree product was selected as the perfect choice due to its inherent anti-climb construction, which is designed to prevent falls and injury.

Commissioned for the particular landscape at the school - steep and sloping hillsides - the Vertica walls are constructed using patented, built-in alignment locators and a near vertical rise, resulting in less excavation and land loss.

The interlocking system places each block behind each other on a 4° gradient, securing them in place leaving no space for children’s feet to attempt a climb.

The AG product is unique in being offered with a 4° angle, offering greater safety.

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