Old Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, Dublin

Preserving natural contours_

Old Dun Laoghaire Golf Club, Dublin

Main Contractor

Cosgrave Developments

Products Used

TerraPave® flags, Rimini + Florento Ground | River Stone, Blackwater | Anchor Vertica®, Basalt | Tactile flags, Corduroy Buff | Bullnose Kerb Setts, Slate Smooth

The Background

Having purchased the lands from the Golf Club, Cosgrave Developments wanted to ensure the natural contours of the existing grounds were maintained when building the public amenity park - Honeypark - which is the centrepiece of their development.

As a focal meeting point the area contained mature parklands with a man-made lake and childrens play area as the main attraction. With this area being lower in the development a safe, durable and visually pleasing design was needed, Mick Cosgrave chose AG's Ground TerraPave® natural aggregate flags to meet the specification, with its durable finish and low slip resistance it met all the safety criteria for this major walkway.

When laid it’s visually impressive surface draws you to the central focal point of the scheme. To improve safety for the visually impaired AG’s smooth bullnose kerbs setts were used to form the numerous step details complimenting the smooth crisp clean appearance of the paving and flags.

The main green space areas also had sloping contours where soil retention was needed to aid structural integrity and drainage, AG’s Vertica Retaining Wall system was selected. The low rise walls meet the engineering specification whilst the choice of colour was in line with the design choice for the scheme. The unique split level design also provided a natural amphitheatre and seating area for the residents, the low level of the walling kept in mind the safety aspects for younger children in the area.

In the main residential areas Cosgrave Developments choose AG’s River Stone Blackwater paving for the parking bay areas. Unique in its design due to its undulating face finish this new product has the key benefits of smooth paving, tight joints and an extra sparkle due to the addition of natural granite chippings. Technically its ideal for the durability and hard wearing required to take parked vehicular traffic over long periods of time.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the finished scheme on Honeypark's website.

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