Marlborough Manor, North Road, Carrickfergus


Marlborough Manor, North Road, Carrickfergus

Main Contractor

HJ O’Boyle


Alan Bennett

Products Used

Heritage brick, Fergustie Mixture | Rectangular paving, Creagh Peat Brindle | Drainage products

Marlborough Manor is one of Carrickfergus’ newest and most sought-after developments, with façades reflecting a traditional, Georgian-style design created by premium AG facing bricks whose hand-crafted aesthetics appeal to architects, house builders and professional designers alike.

The challenge

Built by HJ O’Boyle contractors in November 2015, the 16 homes making up the £2.5m Marlborough Manor development mark the first residential development by Rosemount Homes Ltd, an offshoot of Lagan Construction Group, with whom AG has enjoyed business relations for nearly 20 years. 

Befitting the aesthetic tone of the Georgian-style homes the development called for facing bricks with the hand-crafted appearance sometimes only associated with clay bricks.

Key to the development was also attractive and comfortable outdoor living spaces.

The solution

The Heritage range, with its rumbled edges and traditional, rustic finish was chosen by the contracting team – and they haven’t looked back since.

The beautiful Heritage facing brick – in Fergustie Mixture - was matched with AG’s Rectangular paving in Creagh Peat Brindle colour which affords a smooth finish with clean lines and richness of colour plus great skid and slip performance. And, of course, it’s also renowned for its durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Architect Alan Bennett has been completely won over by AG’s high quality facing brick.

“The Heritage Fergustie brick is a great product and one I hope to use in the future.”

Quote by Alan Bennett | Alan Bennett Architect.

“The fact that it was a local company meant we could be assured of a steady and consistent supply of the product. The products are readily available but that’s not the sole reason we chose them. Other crucial elements for us are quality, plus the fact that the products meet all the requisite technical criteria. It’s the first residential scheme in which we have used AG bricks and we were convinced they were the right product after talking to a number of other reputable developers. Going forward I wouldn’t see us moving away from AG products.”

Quote by Jonathan Kincaid | Rosemount Homes’ Senior Projects Manager.

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