InterContinental - The O2 Hotel, London


InterContinental - The O2 Hotel, London

Main Contractor

Balfour Beatty Construction | P.J. Carey Contractors


David Clarke Landscape Architect

Products Used

Plaza paving, Pepper (Slate) + Birkes (Graphite) 60mm + 80mm (200x150 / 200x100mm) 2,595m2

Within the redevelopment of the former Millennium Dome site in London AG’s market leading products take pride of place at the new O2 Intercontinental Hotel.

AG’s Plaza Paving provides luxuriant groundcover across the oval-shaped car park and surrounding pedestrian walkways surrounding the high rise hotel near the city’s urban riverscape.

The Plaza Birkes (Graphite) and Pepper (Slate) paving beautifully complement the grey hues of the hotel façade with its heavy use of mirrored windows creating a cutting-edge 21st century ambience. 

The contrasting AG products are placed to create borders between the car parking spaces in a subtle way across the expansive landscaped area. It is appealing to the eye and its manufacture offers a guarantee of robustness to endure traffic, with longevity built in.

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