Gaelscoil Inis School, Wexford

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Gaelscoil Inis School, Wexford

Main Contractor

ABM Construction

Products Used

Anchor Vertica® Stone Cut, Canelletto

The Challenge

Gaelscoil Inis was constructed on a sloping site that saw the main primary school built into the side of a sheer hill. 

This created a situation where the school’s basketball court was designed to be at a different level to the main playground.

Sitting at 4.5 metres higher than the playground, a retaining wall system was required that would be as strong as the proposed reinforced concrete wall, yet more aesthetically pleasing. 

The Solution

To meet the requirements, AG’s Anchor Vertica® block was chosen as the preferred product for this project, with 600m2 of product required.

Designed for steep, sloping sites and other structural problems, Vertica® walls can be built to virtually any height in incredibly tight spaces thanks to built-in alignment locators and a near vertical rise for less excavation and land loss.

Vertica® is typically used with geosynthetic reinforcement, which means that it meets or exceeds industry standards for strength and durability.

Gaelscoil Inis were very happy with the outcome as the Anchor Vertica® block helped to create an aesthetically pleasing wall when compared to its concrete equivalent. It was also constructed 50% faster and had a cost saving of approximately 5%.

Anchor Vertica® block once again demonstrated aesthetic properties, speed of construction and a cost-effectiveness that has made the product a first choice for designers and architects on an array of developments.

Anchor Vertica Block is available in a choice of colours and finishes.

“For me, the Anchor Vertica® block was chosen for two reasons: its aesthetic properties and cost effectiveness. ABM Construction had designs put forward for a reinforced concrete wall which looked very industrial – and at 4.5m high would have looked quite intimidating, especially at a primary school. The Anchor Vertica® block in Canelletto with a stone cut finish was chosen and the segmental block work was constructed with a tier to break up the wall – all of which worked very well.”

Anthony Guinnessy | Gaelscoil Inis designer.

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